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  1. The .44-40 Winchester or .44 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) was designed in 1873 by Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The parent case is a .44 Henry and the .44 WCF has a rimmed bottlenecked case with a large pistol primer. It was first introduced with the Model 73 lever action rifle and was a popular choice for law enforcement and hunting
  2. Winchester Guns 534255140 1873 Carbine Lever 44-40 Winchester 2. OUT OF STOCK (3) WIN 1866 DELUXE 44-40 24 OCTAGON 2018 Round SH. OUT OF STOCK (4) A. Uberti Firearms 1873 Cttlmn II .44-40 5.5 1 Piece Walnut gr. OUT OF STOCK (2) Taylors and Company 239 1860 Henry Lever Action 44-40 Win 24.25 OUT OF STOCK (1).
  3. The .44-40 Winchester, also known as the .44 WCF (for Winchester Center Fire), was introduced in 1873 in the famous Winchester Model '73 lever action rifle that is often called The Gun That Won the West. It became the most popular law enforcement and hunting cartridge in North America in that rifle, and later retained that title in the highly.
  4. Winchester introduced their .44 WCF, better known these days as the .44-40, in 1873. That, of course, was in the Model 1873 rifle, which became the cowboy's favorite. That rifle in .44-40, as well as the other calibers that were introduced later, remained in production and in the catalogs until 1920 or so
  5. 44-40 Winchester-Fisher Firearms is a family owned business providing Light Accessories, Gun Safes, Shotguns, Cleaning Equipment, Gun Sales in Adelaide
  6. .44-40 Win. Pušková ráže o průměru střely 10.85 mm s maximálním povoleným tlakem 1100 bar R 1.65 L1 23.58 L2 25.79 L3 33.15 S 106.52 L6 40.44 ⌀ P1 11.97 ⌀ P2 11.60 ⌀ H2 11.25 ⌀ H1 11.29 ⌀ R1 13.34 ⌀ G1 10.85 α 8
  7. 44-40 Winchester Tento náboj má velké množství synonym (44-40 W.C.F., 44-40-200, 44-40 Marlin atd.) a mohl by být zařazen i v oddíle nábojů pro krátké zbraně, krátce po roce 1873 kdy byl zaveden pro Winchestrovu kulovnici se spodní pákou, začal pro něj vyrábět své revolvery i Colt

Find .44-40 Winchester lever-action rifles from a variety of manufacturers. Choose the lowest price from multiple warehouses Winchester Model 1873 Sporter Rifle 534217140, 44-40 Winchester Model, 24 in Octagon BBL, Lever, High Grade II/III Walnut Stock, Blued Barrel/Case Hard Rcvr, 14 Rds Hinterland #: 50619 MFG #: 53421714 The .44-40 Winchester is a centerfire rifle cartridge. Shop online for top quality .44-40 Winchester Centerfire Rifle Ammo for sale! Sort By . Product Name Price Latest Products Most Popular. 44-40 Winchester. Hornady Ammo Cowboy 44-40 Win Cowboy 205 Grain [9075] View Options. 44-40 Winchester. RIFLE CURTO WINCHESTER 1873 .44-40 W. C. F Původní Winchesterův náboj pro opakovací kulovnici ovládanou spodní pákou, model 1873. Náboj velmi rychle získal značnou oblibu a většina amerických výrobců opatřovala své zbraně jeho komorou. Colt a další výrobci zbraní pro tento náboj začali komorovat své revolvery. Významným přednostem pr muže Západu byla skutečnost, že náboj plněný černým prachem.

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Nábojnice 44-40 Winchester, 44-40 Win, 44-40 WCF, 44-40 Marlin pro přebíjení střeliva, nábojů, munic po prodeji zbraně prodám náboje 44-40 WCF hodí se do Colt, Winchester, Smith a Wesson, Marlin..,.. atd. Cena: 1600 CZK | inzerát vložen 24. 10. 2020, 21:58:5 The Winchester .44-40 rifle did not meet U.S military criteria due to the fact that it was a repeating rifle which at that time was considered costly and wasteful in potential ammunition expenditure. Instead, the M1873 made its debut in the hands of the frontiersmen, civilians traveling into North America's unchartered west in search of new. Winchester Lead Handgun Ammo - 44-40 Win, 225Gr, Lead Flat Nose, 50rds Bo Winchester Super-X .44-40 Winchester (WCF) 200gr Power-Point 50/Box provides exceptional quality and outstanding performance for hunting deer. The notches around the jacketed soft point bullet provides consistent and reliable expansion, and drives..

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Winchester Model 1894 (také známá jako Winchester .30-30 rifle [zdroj?], Winchester 94 [zdroj?], Win 94, [zdroj?], .30-30 Winchester [zdroj?], nebo jednoduše .30-30 [zdroj?]) je jedna z nejslavnějších a nejpopulárnějších loveckých zbraní na světě.Byla zkonstruována Johnem Browningem v roce 1894 a vyráběna firmou Winchester Repeating Arms Company v letech 1894 až 2006 The 44-40 was the first self-contained modern cartridge the Winchester repeating arms company designed, and was made for use in the legendary Winchester Model 1873. The 44-40 Winchester was marketed brilliantly with the Model 1873 repeating rifle as the gun that won the west, and met acceptance by thousands of gun owners Prodám na Winchester 44-40 krásný, nový, mosazný podavač nábojů Americká historická páková puška Winchester 1873 cal.44-40 WCF(středový zápal) druhý model, legenda divokého západu vše bezchybně funguje perfektní mechanika v nádherném sbírkovém stavu rám a klika mramorované, výhoz nábojnic bezchybná funkce, pažba bez prasklin a oťuků na konci ocelová botka, vývrt hlavně excelentní stav hluboké drážky lesklý viz foto.

44-40 Winchester, 225 Grain. Where To Buy. Super X. USA4440CB $$ These cartridges are designed for early American rifles and revolvers and have the reputation for being the ideal choice for cowboy action shooting. We are proud that the exacting standards of yesteryear have been combined with today's advanced technology to bring you these. The same year this new Winchester 1873 .44-40 arrived Colt brought out the now legendary Single Action Army chambered in .45 Colt. Someone at Colt eventually noticed the .45 Colt and .44-40 were basically the same length (actually the .44-40 is very close to being a .45 Colt necked down to .44) Firearm : Barrel : Twist: Optics: Distance : Shots : Bullet Mfg : Bullet Diam : Marlin 1894S 20 1:36 24X 50y 10 Oregon Trail.42 La cartouche .44-40 Winchester Center Fire fut conçue pour la Winchester 1873.Elle remplaça la munition .44 Henry.Son appellation vient de l'association de son calibre (.44) et de sa charge de poudre- à l'origine 40 grains de poudre noire Winchester Model 94 Lever Action Rifle in rare 44/40 calibre. Listed as Very Good due to very minor surface rust (see photos) otherwise in Excellent condition. This rifle was manufactured in about the 1970'

These lever-action rifles and carbines make up the core family of Model 1873s currently being produced by Winchester Repeating Arms. Model 1873s in Current Production Model 1873 Rifles and Carbines. Current Products. Deluxe Sporting. Carbine. Sporter Octagon Color Case Hardened Another peculiarity of vintage .44-40 firearms is that the bore dimensions are a few thousandths of an inch tighter than today's typical .44-caliber bullets (0.429/0.431 inch). According to one source, the groove diameter of Winchester and Marlin rifle barrels is 0.427 inch, whereas Remington rifles have .425-inch groove diameters These lever-action rifles and carbines make up the core family of the Model 1892s currently being produced by Winchester Repeating Arms. Model 1892s in Current Production Model 1892 Rifles and Carbines. Current Products. Deluxe Trapper Takedown Case Hardened. Carbine. Short Rifle Winchester could have manufactured a replica of the 1894 SRC in 44-40? I have not seen one, though. What bothered me was the ammo loading gate, (in the photo on this rifle), appears to be a 30-30 loading gate, and not a smaller 44-40 loading gate

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  1. 44-40 Win RIFLE AMMO 44-40 Winchester RIFLE Ammunition for Sale. 44-40 Win rifle ammunition for sale. We sell ammunition by the box and bulk ammo in case quantities. All of the ammunition listed on our website is in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in High Point, NC. We do not take preorders or back-order items
  2. Antique 44-40 Ammo. These Winchester boxes are very desirable to collectors and are always in great demand because of the old-time graphics.A picture of a Model 73' carbine is shown on the front side label.The labels specify that the cartridges are for a Winchester Rifle Model 1873.A great display item to go with a Winchester 73′ or a Colt Frontier Six Shooter of the same era
  3. Compare 44-40 ammo from the top online retailers to find the lowest price. Find Bulk 44-40 win ammunition fast and cheap with Americas best ammunition search engine

The .44-40 Winchester, also known as the .44 Winchester, the .44 WCF (Winchester Center Fire), and the .44 Largo (in Spanish speaking countries) was introduced in 1873 by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.It was the first centerfire metallic cartridge offered by Winchester, and was brought out as the standard chambering for the new Winchester Model 1873 rifle Look no further for your .44-40 Winchester ammo! We have all the best brands for your firearm at low prices, ready to ship right to your door nationwide! Due to High Order Volumes, Expect Delays in Processing Orders. For the Fastest Delivery, Select Express Shipping at Checkout 44-40 WINCHESTER 200GR LFN 4440A . Lead Flat Nose projectiles are used primarily for Cowboy Action Shooting where accuracy and ease of loading are a shooters primary concern. An excellent choice for single action revolvers and lever action rifles. Compare. Product Specification. Symbol: 4440A. Rare antique 44-40 ammunition box is a first issue of the popular third style black powder box. This antique ammo Winchester box is seldom encountered. 541.389.9302 clark@clarksantiques.co

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  1. Winchester 1873 Deluxe .44-40 Description: Winchester 1873 Deluxe lever action rifle, chambered in the most popular .44-40 caliber, 24 octagon barrel. This is a spectacular example of a completely original 73 Deluxe 2ndmodel in very fine condition
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  3. 1894 winchester built in circa 1976 Rifle has been cerakoted professionally and timber professionally refinished. Rifle presents very well and is crisp, tight and has had very little use at all. Excellent condition throughout If buyer is in WA i have ammunition, containers, projectiles, brass and dies which i can add to the sale at a good price

Revolverové náboje 44-40 Winchester se 100% olověnou střelou Magtech LFN (Lead Flat Nose) s plochou špičkou jsou ideální volbou pro rekreační a cvičnou střelbu na terč.. Úsťová rychlost nábojů Magtech 44-40 WIN/4440A je 360 metrů za sekundu, s úsťovou energií 840 J. Civilní střelivo Magtech pro ruční palné zbraně je špičkové kvality, stabilních výkonů za. Redding 44-40 Winchester Three Die Set. Detail. Katalogové číslo: RED-80188 Momentálně není skladem. Cena vč. DPH: 1 710,00 Kč (1 413,22 Kč bez DPH) Redding 44-40 Winchester Competition Handgun Seating Die. Rep., 10,75x33,5 (Cal No.44), 10,8x32 Winchester Für Colt-Rifle K.44, 44-40-200 Winchester, 10,2 x 32 Winchester-Colt, 10,5 mm Colt Nord-Amerika, DWM 329, GR 191 967, SAA 6555, EB 420, 10,8 x 33 R. Caja de cartuchos Orbea Argentina de la década de 1940 Winchester .44-40 Win Lever Action Rifles (11 Products) Filter By . Sort By: 11 Item(s) Show. per page . Winchester 534274140 1873 Deluxe Rifle .44-40 24 Blued GIII/IV Walnut. Out of stock View Details » View Details » Winchester 534196140 1892 Deluxe Octagon .44-40 24 Blued Grade III/IV Walnut.

Střela: olověná.Váha střely: 200 gr.Balení po 50ti kusech.Uvedená cena je za jeden kus. Kód: 9096. Ihned k dodán cci ammunition full neat 500 rd 22 brick cci stinger xmas prairie dog boxes better look its neat - .44-40 win. $100.00: 0 $100.00 3d 13h 39m 1134858

Caliber: .44-40 Winchester Quantity Per Pack: 100 Packs Per Case: 10 Unprimed: Y Primed: N FLAT SHIPPING! BACKORDERED Winchester Brass 44-40 Winchester Rifle Per 50. Cartridge: 44-40 Winchester Manufacturer: Winchester Model: WINSC4440Wu FLAT SHIPPING! BACKORDERED. Shop online for discount .44-40 Winchester ammunition from top ammo brands like Remington, Federal, Winchester, Hornady, CCI, Speer, and many more. We call all major brands, calibers, and gauges of ammunition for your firearms That new cartridge was the .44-40 Winchester. Even more than the rifle in which it was introduced, the .44-40 was a hit on the American frontier. In 1878 Colt started offering the .44-40 as a chambering for its single-action revolvers. It was an inspired decision

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Puška Winchester 73 Dekorační replika s pohyblivým mechanizmem, puška Winchester 73, caliber 44-40, USA 1873. Puška je vyrobena v mosazné povrchové úpravě. Lze naprázdno natáhnout, po stisknutí spouště puška cvakne. Puška Winchester 1873 se vyvinula z pušky 1866 Yellow Boy Winchester 92 Cartridge Guide 44-40 (UW9244CG) $39 00. Email me when available. Winchester Model 94 Hammer Spring (UWHS) $60 00. Winchester Model 92 Lower Tang with Trigger (SPART0571) $69 00. Email me when available. Winchester Model 94 Finger Lever Pin (SPART1735) $15 00. Winchester Model 92 25/20, 32-20 & 44/40 Lever (SPART1003). 44- 40 winchester With the bankruptcy of the Volcanic Arms Company at the end of 1856, all their assets were bought by Oliver Winchester, who converted it to the New Haven Arms Company in April 1857. After the end of the Civil War, Oliver Winchester renamed the company to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company

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No, recoil is really light in a rifle, pistol is about like .45 Colt. It's a great round, I prefer the .38-40 myself but the .44-40 is the classic. If you get the chance shoot some, do it, you'll like it. Cost is going to be a factor and hand load.. Winchester 1873 Rifle 44-40 octagonal hlaveň PRODÁNO ! Winchester 1885 Rifle cal.22 RF Low Wall PRODÁNO! Winchester 1886 Rifle cal. 45-70 octagonal hlaveň+certifikát PRODÁNO! Winchester 1887 Brokovnice cal.12 Riot Gun 20″ PRODÁNO! Winchester 1887 cal. 12 legendární brokovnice PRODÁNO! Winchester Model 1876 cal.45-60 TOP-PRODÁNO 44-40 WCF; You last purchased this product on . Winchester Super-X Ammunition 44-40 WCF 200 Grain Power-Point Box of 50 Product Family #: 2900530044; Product #: 530044; Manufacturer #: X4440 (50) UPC #: 020892201132

I'm not familiar with the .44-40 platform. That being said, I've been offered a Winchester 1892 in .44-40 for trade. When the fellow sent the offer, he stated it was a .44 mag, although the photos clearly show .44wcf The .44-40's biggest weakness, and one that can make it a challenge to reload, is a neck wall thickness of only 0.007 to 0.008, or about half the thickness of .44 Mag. and .45 Colt cases .44 WCF / .44-40 Winchester (Rifle) (Using Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 53 loads. Using bullets from Hornady FP Cowboy. Powders include Hodgdon, Accurate, Alliant, IMR, Winchester, Vihtavuor

Best, cheap, bulk 44-40 Winchester ammo for sale. Buy in stock 44-40 Winchester ammunition online. The best selection of hunting, self defense, target, shooting, practice, plinking, surplus, jacketed hollow point/JHP, full metal jacket/FMJ, and frangible 44-40 Winchester ammo - buy 1000 rounds or more. Brands like .44 WCF / .44-40 Winchester Loading Data (Rifle) reloading data with 9 loads. Using bullets from SP, Lead, Lyman 42798. Powders include Alliant, IMR, Hodgdo

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The Winchester Model 94 Cheyenne Commemorative was offered in 1977. It is chambered in .44-40, specifically for the Canadian market. There were 11,220 made and it originally sold for $375. The current value of that gun is $1,295 for New in the Box 44-40 Winchester ; 44 Rem Mag ; 44 Magnum ; 357 Magnum ; 350 Legend ; 338 Winchester Magnum ; 308 Winchester ; 300 Winchester Short Magnum ; 300 Winchester Magnum ; 30-06 Springfield ; 280 Remington ; 270 Winchester Short Magnum ; 270 Winchester ; 25-06 Remington ; 243 Winchester ; 223 Remington ; Filter By Stock; In Stock (0) Filter By Price. If the Winchester 1873 was the Gun that Won the West, then that rifle's most popular caliber, the .44-40, was definitely the Cartridge that Won the West. There were more firearms chambered for this round than any other during the last quarter of the 19th century 300 WINCHESTER MAGNUM; 308 WINCHESTER; 357 MAGNUM; 380 AUTO / 9 mm BR. COURT; American Legend. 38 SPECIAL (al) 357 MAGNUM (al) 44-40 WINCHESTER; 45-70 GOVERNAMENT; 45 LONG COLT; Caccia. 308 WINCHESTER; 300 WINCHESTER MAGNUM (c) 12 A CERVO; 6×62 R FRERES; 6×62 FRERES; Usi Speciali. Cartucce a carica forzata - Lista; Accessori; Calcolatore.

Winchester Model 92 44-40 Saddle Ring Carbine. A very unusual one of a kind circa 1910 Model 92. If this gun could only talk. This for sale by ResultsAuctionsLLC on GunsAmerica - 99957340 Winchester Guns 534202140 1873 Short Rifle Case Hardened Lever 44-40 Winchester 20 10+1 Grade II/III Walnut Stock Blued. Out of stock View Details. The .44-40 Winchester, whether used to recreate the times of the Old West or to bring home a deer with a short-range shot, is still serving its shooters well. 44-40 Winchester Ballistics: Chart of Average 44-40 Winchester Ballistics. Note: This information comes from the manufacturer and is for informational purposes only

.44-40 WIN 25+.44-40 WIN * Polished * Range Brass - 25 count. Mixed Commercial Head-Stamps - Tumble Polished. .44-40 WIN Reloading Data from Handloads.com. SKU.44-40 WIN - 25+ Quantity in stock: No items available Weight: 0.35 lbs Our price: $ 8.00 Qty Out of stock. Ask a question about this product. The Winchester Model 1886 was a lever-action repeating rifle designed by John Browning to handle some of the more powerful cartridges of the period. Originally chambered in .45-70, .45-90 WCF and .40-82 WCF, it was later offered in a half dozen other large cartridges, including the .50-110 Winchester The .44-40 Winchester is a centerfire handgun cartridge. Shop online for top quality .44-40 Winchester Centerfire Handgun Ammo for sale! Sort By . Product Name Price Latest Products Most Popular. 44-40 Winchester. Buffalo Cartridge Ammo Outlaw 44-40 Win 200 Grain Lead RNFP [BCC00022]. The Winchester 1873 Rifle was called the rifle that won the West. This piece of history is available in 7 distinctive models, including the Uberti 1873 Carbine and the Uberti 1873 Special Sporting Rifle, and others.See them all below. When the gun was first offered, it was chambered in the powerful new .44-.40 cartridge

The .44-40 has more energy in comparable loadings, but he .44 Spl will probably be cheaper as there are more guns chambered for it. The .44-40 is a black powder round, but is loaded with a comparable load of smokeless nowadays. The .44 Spl has always been a smokeless round Winchester 1873 Saddle Ring Carbine .44-40. Winchester 1873 .44-40 saddle ring carbine. Made in 1880s. .44-40 Caliber with a 20 barrel. Metal has a light brown to gray patina. Metal has scattered pitting. Wood has normal handling marks. Some chips and cracks. This gun shows a fair amount of wear and is missing the dust cover What is the value of a Winchester Model 1873 44-40 cal. With octagon barrel and a 1903 fox sterlingworth 12 guage shotgun. Expert's Assistant: The Firearms Appraiser can help. You can also send photos once I've connected you Náboj Winchester Super X 44-40 Power-Point 12,96 g. Kulový náboj Winchester 44-40 Power-Point 200 g

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The .44-40 Winchester, also known as the .44 Winchester, the .44 WCF (Winchester Center Fire), and the .44 Largo (in Spanish speaking countries) was introduced in 1873 by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. It was the first centerfire metallic cartridge offered by Winchester, and was brought out as the standard chambering for the new.

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